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Sang Ye Enterprise knocks things up with Heists all weekend. It begins with an event Saturday catching everyone up to speed with each other's progress on Heists. Be sure to record your fun as we will develop a highlight reel for the crew, pending your submission of footage. As mentioned in the Heist Forum, get together with crew members who match you style of play and keep in mind how the Heist sequence works so you aren't erasing your progress. who match you style of play and keep in mind how the Heist sequence works so you aren't erasing your progress.
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We have recruited some of the friendliest skilled players all with good kill/death ratios and Team Deathmatch records —which should equate to some pretty serious warfare. Strap up, grab your crew members and ride in on some competition. Remember, we are undefeated! Although it is impossible to keep it that way, we can damn sure try our best. Have fun and choose your Deathmatches carefully. Avoid sabotage of being outnumbered by other crews in Deathmatches with over 10 participants. We've created some of the dirtiest tricks in the book, so let's not fall victim to it ok?! Strategize together! Use formations, use common sense, use headsets, bring your A-game, and for goodness sakes put on some real clothes. 👅
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Have fun with our Crew Created Jobs. All Sang Ye missions are Co-Op, although Rockstar has yet to create such modes in Creator. Work together throughout these missions then decide who will win at the end. Claim the Sang Ye as Los Santos's highest grossing criminal enterprise! You can access the Sang Ye Captures through this playlist. Otherwise, give your crew members some plays. Remember to show your support by giving them your approval with a nice thumbs up.
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